best online survey sites

best online survey sites

Life Points: Best Online Survey Site and Survey App

An online paid survey collects lots of information from their participants and throws separate programs for each of them based on that information.

Especially, well-known brands and companies use these sites for their feedback on their products. They ask questions about their products and services through the survey. Users get paid to give feedback.

Through this article, we will discuss one of the best online survey site named LifePoints. All the survey sites on the web are not the best. Each of them has its pros and cons and their characteristics. LifePoints is such a type of best online survey site. It has a ton of benefits with some bad sides.

best online survey sites
lifepoints online survey site

Do you need to think about its ton of benefits or do you need to think about one or two bad sides? The decision is up to you. Maybe this article will help you to simplify your thinking a little bit and also help you to find a legit survey site.

Short Description About best online survey site

LifePoints is a combination of MySurvey and Lightspeed. Before they joined, they were different organizations and for some reason, their industry was shut down in some in many countries.

Later MySurvey and Lightspeed came together and form LifePoints. LifePoints is a huge platform in the world of online surveys.

They have a community of over 5,000,000 members. They offer their surveys more than 26 languages. This site is available in 40 countries now. They have developed a user-friendly app with a user-friendly website.

earn money by answering surveys

Since this site is made up of Two older platforms, it can be said that they have many years of experience. One of the two platforms is Lightspeed which was organized 1940s who has considerable experience in market research.

So, this site can be called a legit survey site.

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How Does It Work?

LifePoints is a fully free best online survey sites in which you can earn points by taking and answering surveys. You can replace the prizes as per your choice through points.  Earn 10 points just for signing up! It’s amazing.

working of lifetime

The main task of each survey site is to get feedback on the company’s products. lifePoints also does the same thing. Here, you have to answer the questions, complete tasks that give feedback on the company products.

As you do so, you earn points. You will be awarded points based on surveys length and content.

How to Get Survey

You may not get any survey in the survey panel in the first stage. Nothing to fear about it! You will be notified of the new survey via email invitation. From then, you will see the survey immediately after logging in.

There is a good side to the email invitation. You will see the survey reward with the survey there. That’s why everyone says the email invitation process is the most users friendly.


There is another way you can make money at LifePoints. It is not a very important way and everyone does not want to use it. But I need to say so.

If you are lucky then this offer will be very useful for you. You can say leave it to fate.

They organize contests and those contests are free. So, if you are a member, then you will easily participate in those free contests regularly. This contest is announced on their official Facebook page.

They used to ask very simple questions in the contest. The prize amount for the winner of the contest is about 30 dollars. It is a huge amount.

How to Get Paid

best online survey sites

Every time you take a survey, you win points. You can use these points in different ways to get paid out.

You can use PayPal, gift cards, charity, etc. The paid out option depends on your country. I consider PayPal and gift cards to be the best preference.

If you have 1150 points, you will get 15 dollars through PayPal. For the same amount of money, IKEA will cost you 1250 points.

The average calculation is that you will get 0.15$ for every 10 points. `


  • There are a lot of surveys available.
  • There are no long surveys. Average of 10 minutes need to complete a survey.
  • Multiple ways to redeem points.


  • Low customer support.
  • Points will expire within three years. So, you should collect all the points and withdraw them regularly.


If you are looking for an easy and fun way to earn extra cash, then LifePoints is a fruitful option for you. It’s user-friendly app design, various types of survey options, high amount of cash for active users, fun and interesting surveys, contests, multiple cash, and gift card option, each of these features will force you to make a choice.

Connect with the LifePoints community, contribute by completing surveys, and collect your favorite rewards, and enjoy the journey with one of the best online survey site.

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