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Vindale Research Reviews: Legit or scam?

Vindale Research Reviews: Legit or Scam?

If you are looking for a paid survey, then this article is for you. When you search the web, you will find many paid survey websites on the web. Vindale Research is one of them.

There are a huge number of paid survey websites on the web. But all of them are legit? Some are good, some pay you. But some sites you may find a total scam.

Today our topic is Vindale Research reviews. We try to give you an overview of this site through our article. After reading our article, you will understand whether it is reasonable for you to spend some time on this site.

Vindale Research Reviews: Short Description

vindale research reviews

Vindale Research is an online paid survey site. This site usually surveys the products of the best companies in New York. It was established in 2006. In a short time, it spread to Europe, Canada, Australia markets. It achieves the trust of their honorable members and companies.

Vindale Research is a fairly simple survey site. You will get a one-dollar bonus for signup as a new member. They used to pay two dollars, but now they pay one dollar.

They welcome you as a free member, that’s mean it is completely free to sign-up. You don’t need to pay any extras to register.

This survey site is one of the highest paying survey sites on the web. You can earn 10 to 13 dollars per hour by answering surveys. The number of dollar changes in numerous factors. Yet it is one of the highest-paid survey sites.

vindale research reviews

On this site, you can make money on time. It will pay you on time and that’s why it has a great reputation in the market. If you share it with a friend or refer a friend and if he completes a survey, you will get a five-dollar bonus. This is a great part of Vindale Research Reviews.

vindale research reviews

There is one thing we want to share with you. That is the unique survey system of this survey site. Your opinions will be kept anonymous no matter what you do answer or comment on this site.

How does It work?

Now we will discuss how this site works, what it has to offer, and what features it has.


When you open the main survey page of the site you will see a lot of paid surveys there. They come every day. But not all the surveys here are from Vindale Research. So, you need to take extra patience and give extra time to find the surveys which are the Vindale Research survey.

vindale research reviews

The rewards for each survey of this site are between 50 cents to one dollar. The high paying surveys are not always available. If you get one of them, then you are definitely a lucky person. So, if you always enter this site in the hope of high paying survey, then it will be a big fool.


You will find on the page something called panels. This feature is a little bit different from other survey sites. It has been included to promote some survey sites that Vindale Research gets paid to promote. If you have a lot of experience, it will come in handy.

It will not offer you only surveys but also offer many promotional ads. You can also make money through ads and there is nothing wrong with that.

Invite friends

invite friends

You can earn by inviting friends to this site. This is a really interesting option. You will receive 5 dollars per invitation. But to get 5 dollars, your friend must follow the below conditions.

  • He has to sign-up through the invitation link.
  • After signing up, he has to complete any one-dollar survey.

If your friend follows the above conditions and sign-up, you will get a 5 dollars bonus. So, it is a nice way to earn extra cash.

Here you can read how to sign up Vindale research

Paid Mails and Videos

You will often receive some mail when you will become a member of this site. They will give you a small amount of reward to read these promotional emails. The amount is little but useful.

You will also see many videos on this site that are based on an advertisement. You can earn an amount by watching these videos. Video watching rewards are quite small also. So, we think it is not an effective way.

Final Vindale Research Reviews

Vindale research is a legit survey site. It offers you various opportunities but does not offer the best opportunity. You will also find several options to earn money. So, if you have some extra time in your hand, then sign up and earn extra cash in your spare time.

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